Voting rights are important to all Americans. This webinar focuses on current issues in California. Panelists include:

Thad Kousser- Department Chair and Professor, Political Science, UC San Diego
Jonathan Mehta Stein– Executive Director, California Common Cause
Jeanne Weidner– Chair of Speakers Bureau, San Diego League of Women Voters

Challenges to our democracy during the past year in the forms of mis- and disinformation, gerrymandering, and voter suppression will be covered along with a discussion on the progress California has made to build a more accessible democracy, including details on landmark laws that make access to voter registration and voting easier, and data showing whether or not those reforms have really made a difference.

Additionally, drawing on data from the UC San Diego Yankelovich Center Survey on Recall Reform, we will discuss what voters thought about the recall process this year and what the prospects are for reform over the next year.

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