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Change is creating unprecedented opportunities and threats for individuals and institutions.

Our Virtual Speaker Series brings a great opportunity to gain insights and learn from a world-renowned business school faculty member and consultant who will discuss the future transformation of the workplace and how to make teamwork a success.

Professor Luis Huete is well known in the field of international management. He holds a Law Degree and an M.B.A from Spain’s IESE Business School, and has been a professor there since 1982. Huete was also a Fulbright Scholar at Boston University where he received his D.B.A.

A speaker to top management teams in more than 800 companies in more than 70 countries, Huete has lectured at Harvard Business School’s Achieving Breakthrough Service and Advanced Management programs. He is the co-founder of Instituto Gobernanza y Sociedad, vice-chancellor and treasurer of the International Academy of Management and serves as a board member of numerous companies.

Professor Huete is the author of 12 books on management, and is a frequent contributor of articles for the business press.

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