San Diego Chapter of Fulbright Association (SDCFA) is dedicated to fostering the ideals international exchange as a force for peace and inclusiveness among all residents in our community. We are scandalized and saddened by the slaying of George Perry Floyd, Jr. and the perpetuation of institutionalized racial brutality.

SDCFA embraces social justice as one of our core tenets and values. We condemn the continuation of organized systemic inequities, especially in our community that disproportionately and adversely impact persons of color. We applaud and encourage the peaceful demonstrators as they lawfully enact their rights to protest. We add our voice to protesters and stand in solidarity with the Black community and with other Americans seeking equality, peace and justice.

We are dedicated to increase our sponsorship of events that can bring about greater cross-cultural and cross-national understanding. This can lead to a more informed, educated, empathetic, unified and harmonious society cross-border region for social justice.

We invite Fulbright alumni, grantees and Fulbright community supporters to join our Chapter in the planning, developing and participating in our future events. Through such collaborative efforts we can support a just, living, learning, and healing environment in our San Diego – Baja Norte communities; one that is safe for all including our visitors from various nations and residents regardless of color, gender, culture, sexual orientation and creed and or immigration status.