I still remember unleashing a primal scream of excitement when I found out I had been awarded the Fulbright. After years of underperforming academically in high school, I was the last person my teachers would have picked to earn the prestigious grant. I overcame their doubts, and my own fears, and embarked on the adventure of a lifetime in Brazil.

I started fantasizing about life in Brazil, and even created a bucket list of items to check off while there. I was fortunate enough to experience the “touristy” things on my list, but the lasting impact came from little surprises that inevitably greet any “gringo” in Brazil. The drink shared with a new friend at the neighborhood bar, the hilarious interactions that arise while learning a foreign language, and of course, the steep learning curve of dancing Samba and Forro.

When I first learned of Fulbright, I thought of academic projects, structured learning, and life abroad. Yes, the Fulbright provides these opportunities, but for me, it was the incredible people that I was lucky enough to meet, learn from, and grow with in Brazil that I will remember most about Fulbright.

James Eggers
2015, Brasil, UFMG, ETA


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